Areas of Potential Value-add

Value-add at a Strategic Level

  • Individuals Within PI Have Had Leadership Positions in Major Public and Private Sector Organisations and have played a significant role in policy development, restructuring programs and transformation initiatives.
Value-add at Operational Level
  • Active Shareholder Assistance at operational level.
  • Relationships With Key Customers and potential customers of investee corporations.
  • Ability to Attract and Win New Business and ability to identify future growth opportunities within the context of investee corporation's operational plan.

Implementing Relevant Sector Charters
  • Assisting in charter understanding and implementation
  • Promoting charter performance externally
  • Promoting charter requirements as transformation mechanism in the organisation
Implementing transformation (Incl. Employment Equity)
  • Assisting in conveying the business case for transformation within business units
  • Creating awareness regarding transformation issues
  • Creating external awareness of good corporate citizenship practices with regard to transformation
  • Representing investee corporation on appropriate councils and boards regarding employment equity objectives
  • Assisting in monitoring progress in the transformation process and detecting areas of departure from strategic plans
Attraction and Retention of Black Talent
  • Providing access to the PI network of suitability qualified black executives and young talent
  • Availability to consult in matters of remuneration, attraction and retention of black talent
Assistance in HR Policies / Strategies
  • Advising and providing guidance in the development of a coherent and credible Human Resource strategy with particular emphasis on employment equity and transformation
Environmental / Regulatory Influencing and Strategy
  • Ensuring that investee corporation is timeously included in the consultive process of the relevant regulatory bodies before implementation of decisions that could result in legislative / regulatory changes
  • Advising on appropriate responses and lobbying opportunities
Stakeholder / Corporate Relations
  • Assisting in establishing networks with government, trade unions, and business organisations
  • Providing stakeholder/corporate relations feedback
  • Assist in the BEE accreditation process with major customers and DTI
Government Relations
  • Sharing of understanding of government policy and decision-making structures
  • Assisting in positioning investee corporation with relevant government departments and State-owned Enterprises
Securing New Business (From New or Existing Clients)
  • Identifying (jointly with investee corporation) prospective clients where PI can assist in respect of new business
  • Attending key client pitches
  • Identifying potential key opportunities
Retention of Existing Business

Ensuring the up-to-date understanding of strategic risk profile of identified clients:

  • understanding of decision-making structure
  • understanding of client’s needs and concerns
  • participation in client-specific strategic planning/review presentations and attending pitches (if required)
Media Relations
  • Assist in forging strong relationships with the media to ensure credibility and positive coverage through an understanding and appreciation of investee corporation’s vision, mission and objectives.
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