Partnership Foundation Trust

Pi's Corporate Social Responsibility program was established in 1993 through a Partnership Foundation Trust. The Primary Objective of the trust is to develop leadership talent of the underprivileged youth.

The primary objective of the Trust is to develop leadership talent of the underprivileged youth.

The Trust Has the Following Programs:

  • Career Orientation Program annually prepares the top 300 students selected from all the North West Technikons for employment.
  • Leadership Program over four years where participants spend five days per year in residence at the Trust's training facility. Annual new intake of 168 black children in Grade 8 selected from 37 schools.
  • A two Year, 5 Day Program with an annual intake of 75 historically disadvantaged children, of which 50 are disabled
  • Diversity Management Program


  • Residential Programs Approved by the relevant Education Departments.
  • The Trust has a Facility Near Rustenburg, which comprises dormitories, mess hall, recreation room and a fully equipped training centre.
  • Has The Capacity and corporate governance structures to assist investee companies with their corporate responsibility requirements per the various charters
  • Curretnly Funded by Interest on a R5m investment and grants from The Anglo Chairman's Fund, BAT and The Fuchs Foundation.

Women's Development Foundation

The Foundation was founded in 1992 as a non-racial, non-profit organisation committed to promoting the empowerment of women.


  • To Become an Effective Leadership Institution that enhances the growth and capacity for women development.


  • Empower Women with research, advocacy and leadership training skills with the view to claim and occupy meaningful positions in a new SA.
  • Redress Existing Injustices and bring about a change of image and self-perception among women.


  • Promote and Advocate women’s interests and concerns at governmental level and in society in general.
  • Create Forums for the articulation of women’s needs in all sectors of South African society.
  • Provide Organisational and Personal Development Skills for women.
  • Bring Matters Concerning Women before Government and the public.

Special Focus

  • Women in rural areas.
  • HIV/AIDS Infected and Affected women.

Dr. Brigalia Bam (Chairperson)

  • Dr. Bam is Currently the Chairperson of the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC), a position she has held since 1998.
  • She was a Founding Member of the Women’s Development Foundation (WDF) and is currently the president thereof.
  • She Holds A BA in Social Work and a Master's Degree in Communications from the University of Chicago in the U.S.A.
  • Dr. Bam was Presented with the National order of the Baobab for her sterling role in the upliftment of women, both in South Africa and abroad as well as her contribution to bringing about democracy in South Africa.

Ms. Dawn Mokhobo (Executive Deputy Chairperson)

  • Ms Mokhobo is currently the chairperson of African International Advisors (AIA) and Fedics Group and Director of Engen, Empowerdex and MassMart.
  • In 1993 she received the prestigious South African Businesswoman of the Year award.
  • In 1994 Ms Mokhobo was honoured with the invitation to serve as one of South Africa's Independent Electoral Commissioners who supervised the country’s first democratic elections.
  • In 1995 she was invited by the Minister of Safety and Security to serve as Chairperson of the Promotions Committee for the South African Police Service.
  • In 1996 Ms Mokhobo was nominated as the Chairperson of UN Special Committee of Experts appointed to address the global issue of Women and Senior Economic Decision Making.

Ms. Jo-Ann Strauss (Executive Director)

  • Ms Strauss Holds a B.Comm (Law) Degree from Stellenbosch University.
  • She is Currently a Presenter of "Top Billing" and a motivational speaker.
  • She has Extensive Experience in Media Relations and has worked with various corporate social investment projects.
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